The Art of Storytelling

by IAF India

This session is organized for the benefit of Software and HR professionals of Indium Technologies where they will undergo process facilitation to understand and appreciate the positive impact of using storytelling as a tool for making impactful presentations at their workplace.

Together We Grow

by IAF India

This session is for the neighbourhood kids aged between 12-18 years and their parents. The session will help build conversations around how to develop the kids into accountable and respectable citizens by imbibing the right values, mindset, and skills. For if they are misguided, the community at large suffers. The session will be held in… Read More »Together We Grow

Facilitating Development

by IAF India, BK Beena Sister

To help the well-read and fairly educated audience understand the need, impact, and art of expressing themselves in a way that doesn't hurt anybody, disagree without being offensive, and inculcate a positive peace language in their day-to-day lives.