by DXC

Understanding microaggression How to navigate and respond to microaggressions in real time Actionable steps you can take to create safe spaces in the workplace for coping and developing a support system.   Online event by Ryan Barretto

Accountability& Ownership

by IAF India, DXC, Asha Francis Asha (organizer) and Mrunal Lamge and Subramanian Kalpathi (facilitators)

A two-way conversation between the business participants and the facilitators on the topic of Accountability and Ownership. The understanding that thinking wholistically for DXC  can lead to better customer partnership will be one of the biggest take-aways from this session.

Customer Excellence

by IAF India, DXC, Anita Bhandopadhyay and Asha Francis (Facilitators)

This session will focus on emphasizing the need for customer delight and looking at ways to achieving it. It will cover the essential pillars  of customer experience and what each of them entails. To be delivered to an account-centric business where customer delight is key, this session will be just what the doctor prescribed.

Unlock Power of Group wisdom through Conversations

by IAF India, DXC, Asha Francis (Organizer) Michelle Pinto and Rohit Shenoy (Facilitators)

In this session, participants will explore and experience concepts like group wisdom, group process facilitation as a skill and share tips and resources for you to dive into this invaluable skill for HR Professionals.

Health Conclave

by IAF India, DXC, Asha Francis Asha (organizer) and Madhujit Singh and Bhulakshmi (facilitators)

This is an activity-based session designed to identify how our hidden biases impact performance appraisal and look at ways to mitigate them. The session is customized for the audience and understands the workforce landscape and the performance appraisal cycle.

Facilitating Agile Leadership

by IAF India, DXC, Asha Francis Asha (organizer) and Lawrence Philbrook and Subramanian Kalpathi (facilitators)

This session looks at understanding the core values in Agile leadership and how they show up in   action. Designed with the internal facilitator community at DXC in mind, the session will help the facilitators to further extend this learning in their future interactions across DXC.

Passion to Results

by IAF India, DXC, Asha Francis Asha (organizer) and Manisha Grover and Farah Ismail (facilitators)

This session will focus on empowering your passion to help you succeed both individually and at an organization level. Designed for the NGO partners at the organization the session will explore concepts like resilience, owning your aura which will in turn help them in developing an impactful presence to pursue their passion to excellence.