How to submit events

Submitting new events to the website is easy and straightforward, follow the instructions outlined here to find out how.

You can submit your events anonymously or as a registered user. However, unless you register, you won’t be able to modify or delete your events after you submit them. We highly encourage going through the registration steps outlined here.

There are a few mandatory fields you need to fill in to submit an event, to add one, just click on the “Submit your event” button in the top right corner of the website (or click on the link). If you are a registered user, you will see an additional black menu on top.

The form to submit a new event looks like this:

Make sure you fill in all the required fields and click on the “Submit event” button. The event should appear in the list immediately.

Editing your events

If you submitted an event as a registered user, you will be able to see all your events on the following LINK or by going to the Submit new event page and clicking on the “View your submitted events” in the top right corner. You can manage the events you want here and change any information on them as you see fit.