Accessible Facilitation: Communication

by Marie Dubost – UX Facilitation

🧐 Did you know? 1 in 5 people in the Global North have accessibility needs that can impact their participation. As workshop leaders, it is our role to provide a space where every participant feels comfortable and included. Join us as we consider strategies to improve the experience of all attendees, in three acts: Design,… Read More »Accessible Facilitation: Communication

Expanda a sua Facilitação com 22 Golden Minutes™: Envolva, Empodere, Surpreenda!

by IAF Portugal, MindTime

Nesta sessão, irá descobrir como é poderoso medir e mapear o pensamento das pessoas, e propiciar uma experiência (ainda) mais positiva e enriquecedora para si e seus participantes. --- Participe nas nossas sessões de 45 minutos, disponíveis em inglês e português, para obter conhecimentos profundos através da medição e mapeamento do pensamento das pessoas. Isto… Read More »Expanda a sua Facilitação com 22 Golden Minutes™: Envolva, Empodere, Surpreenda!

Stakeholder Conversations

by V Narasimhan and Manoranjita

Join us for a transformative session where facilitation meets the power of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) through our 'Stakeholder Conversations' workshop. Discover how NVC can help you connect with stakeholders, navigate conflicts, and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Unlock the secrets of successful, empathy-driven conversations both in your professional and personal life!"

Resistance to Change

by Anuschka Ruge – Affective Facilitation, Etrit Shkreli – EarthWork Collective

Between stimulus and response there is a fraction of time. Sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes we're not. This workshop is an invitation to open up that fraction in time, dive into it in order to explore its possibilities. Our workshop, "Resistance to Change" delves into the duality of change—both as threat and opportunity.… Read More »Resistance to Change

The Power of Dialogue-How to develop a sustainable work environment

by CP Yen Foundation, Taiwan

A work environment includes everything that affects how one works and can be categorized as three areas: 1) organizational and social, 2)Digital and 3)physical . A sustainable workplace benefits the entire business, contributing to increased staff satisfaction, value creation and effectiveness This session will explore how to build systems for a sustainable work environment to… Read More »The Power of Dialogue-How to develop a sustainable work environment

Сильный старт. Новый руководитель и команда

by F-Point

Готовы узнать секреты успешной смены капитана на корабле команды? Обсудить, как наилучшим образом сделать со-настройку и запуск работы команды с новым руководителем? Увидеть, как интересно разобрать состояние команды и включить всех в важный разговор о взаимных ожиданиях? Приглашаем вас на воркшоп по обзору инструментов: "Матрица Ожиданий" – ваш путеводитель в мире ожиданий и ролей. Разгадайте… Read More »Сильный старт. Новый руководитель и команда

How to organise a successful participatory event

by IAF Italy

What is behind a successful facilitation event?  What do you need to know or learn? What do you need to prepare in advance? How long does it take? With Fabio, experienced in stakeholder engagement in public work projects, we can explore different organising scenario to get a successful event, pointing to the very important things,… Read More »How to organise a successful participatory event

On conversation modalities and power dynamics

by Metonomy Consulting Inc.

How facilitation can impact inclusivity As facilitators we are responsible for choosing how the conversations unfold. We can follow a strict model or go with the flow. Those choices are informed by who we are and our assessments of the group’s needs. And there are a lot of factors at play in choosing a conversation… Read More »On conversation modalities and power dynamics


by Christine Bell, Helene Jewell

Being seen as authentic and genuine as a facilitator can often help smooth a process and engage the group with you. In this facilitated discussion we want to explore what this often holy grail of facilitation means to us and whether it is possible or desirable? What does it mean to be authentic? What are… Read More »AUTHENTIC FACILITATOR: AM I? CAN I? SHOULD I?

How to self-promote without being a jerk (Review of Bruce Kasanoff book)

by Kartic Vaidyanathan

Bruce Kasanoff is one of the leading LinkedIn influencers who advocates compassion, and empathy and constantly urges us all to ask the question - How can I be of help? Bruce Kasanoff starts off his book with these statements // Let’s be clear: you are most definitely not a jerk. This book is for people… Read More »How to self-promote without being a jerk (Review of Bruce Kasanoff book)

The Magic of Inclusive Facilitation: Towards a Future of Equity Through Diversity.

by Ruhee Meghani

Inclusive facilitation is the practice of creating and maintaining an environment that actively involves and engages all participants, regardless of their backgrounds, identities, or abilities. It is an approach to facilitating meetings, workshops, discussions, or any collaborative process that ensures equal participation, respects diverse perspectives, and fosters a sense of belonging for all individuals involved.… Read More »The Magic of Inclusive Facilitation: Towards a Future of Equity Through Diversity.


by IAF India, BT/ Vidya GV

Uncovering & mitigating hidden biases for people decisions If you're a leader, or manager looking to create a more inclusive work environment. Join us to gain insights to mitigate biases & foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Being human through facilitation

by Metonomy Consulting Inc.

Working with conflict “Conflict is an energy that has not yet found its place in the system that created it.” David Hatfield Conflict is often feared and avoided. But conflict arises naturally in human processes and gives an opportunity to notice where there is unresolved energy. From there, anything is possible once you are willing… Read More »Being human through facilitation

Burning the Cocoon

by IAF Ireland

Discover playful tools for connecting the dots from you to the world. This session is being supported by IAF Ireland and will be hosted by Ruta Jakute, Amy Keith and Malü Workshop Takeaways: • Through the metaphor of Fire, participants will taste a playful introduction to Authentic Self-Discovery. • Participants will activate their authentic… Read More »Burning the Cocoon