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How DEI Space Matters?

October 22, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CEST

Join our 90 minutes’ workshop to explore the essence  of participatory environment. Through a dialogic process we will be able  to:

  • Identify barriers of participation and their root cause
  • Harvest ideas to address those barriers both in the workshop and in the project management.

We hope you can deepen your understanding of facilitator’s core competencies and be more sensitive to bring diversity, equity and inclusion in your workshop.


Amy S.J. Chen, CPF

Stanley Chen, CPF

Key words: facilitation;  core competency; participatory environment; DEI

Time: October 22 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm CST

Language: Chinese (普通话)

Please send us an email if you want o join the session: Flyingelephant82@gmail.com (Stanley Chen)


Zhijun Chen, Stanley

Zhijun has been a facilitator for 17 years based on the Non-profit sector. He has a multi-discipline on participation including group facilitation technology, applied theatre, non-violent communication, mindfulness and democratic education.

Zhijun has a vocation to empower people on personal, organizational, trans-organizational and community level. Thus to improve social wellbeing and social justice in mainland China.

Amy S.J. Chen

Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF IAF)

Certified Facilitator of 2030 SDGs Game (imacocollabo.jp)

Consultant of TTQS(Taiwan Talent Quality-Management System)

Strength Strategic Human Resources Management and Organizational Development & Team Facilitator

Amy (aka Amy S.J.) has been working as a consultant in human resources management and development for 23 years since she established her consulting firm in 1999. She is also a practitioner in ToP methods of ICA since 2003.

‘Doing what is valuable to the organization makes the organization’s contribution more valuable.’ is Amy’s belief and the core value of her teams in the consultancy as well.

During her consultancy with different customers from different industries, she found out to support a long-term transformation for a company just with a tiny step is to create a supportive environment and the culture with ownership.

To embrace change will begin from the mindsets of willing to change.

Facing on the tough situations of sustainable issues, she wishes people might be aware of that everyone mattered through playing 2030 SDGs Game, she certificated her qualification of 2030 SDGs Game Facilitator of imacocollabo in 2022 and she facilitated the game for hundreds of participants, students, teachers, and parents,

who came from different levels of schools. Through her sharing and collaborations with others, she truly believes in the impact will be promoted everywhere.


October 22, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CEST
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Organizer / Facilitator

IAF China, IAF Taiwan