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Elevate Your Facilitation with 22 Golden Minutes™: Embrace, Empower, Excel! By MindTime®

September 11, 2023 - September 17, 2023

Join our 45-minute sessions available in English and Portuguese to gain profound insights by measuring and mapping people’s thinking. This significantly enhances your facilitation success by improving your ability to read the room and proactively address conflicts or tensions, boost engagement, ensure psychological safety, promote learning, and create a positive experience for you and your audience.

As facilitators, our role is to make the journey of improvement or learning easier for people. This must start with understanding people’s differences and engagement styles. Everything we do begins with a thought and understanding the diversity of thinking present in your audience is the most effective way to engage with them and make everyone feel seen and heard.

22 Golden Minutes™ is a fast and effective solution to start all facilitation sessions. It’s built on MindTime, a revolutionary scientifically validated framework for understanding people.

Exclusively for attendees – Register and attend the session to receive:

  • 7 free assessment keys ($336 value) to try MindTime with a group of your choice
  • 1-hour complimentary Master Class on using MindTime Tools to optimize group dynamics

Join us to learn more from experienced facilitators who use MindTime daily in their practices.

You can use 22 Golden Minutes™ to facilitate: team building, retreats, learning sessions, training, and any event where you want to fully engage with people.

By attending a session you will learn something very valuable about yourself and your own facilitation style and how it impacts your sessions and interactions.

I’m sure MindTime was a major contributor to the path I took in life and the quality of my journey.” Lawrence Kampf, Transformational coach

Take the MindTime Thinking Style assessment (4 minutes), learn about your own Thinking Style and register to join us and discover the power of MindTime in 22 Golden Minutes™: https://mindtimetools.com/mindtime-registration-facilitation-week-select/


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