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Burning the Cocoon

September 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CEST

Discover playful tools for connecting the dots from you to the world. This session is being supported by IAF Ireland and will be hosted by Ruta Jakute, Amy Keith and Malü Duque.www.softpunchi.com

Workshop Takeaways:

• Through the metaphor of Fire, participants will taste a playful introduction to Authentic Self-Discovery.

• Participants will activate their authentic voice through beginner exercises (individually, in pairs and as a group).

• Participants will learn to see  their motivation from 3 angles including the Body perspective, Creative action to Community connections.

• Participants will leave feeling energised/grounded and empowered to replicate simple playful exercises in their daily situations where they need to share their voice.

• Workshop is valuable for participants who are working as facilitators who are interested to see examples how creative methods e.g. drama-therapy inspired facilitation (small body movement, storytelling, simple sketching of shapes by hand, etc.) can be applied in their workshops to help people feel safe and motivated to share their voice in a group.

Organizer / Facilitator

IAF Ireland


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